Vetiver Oakmoss & Sandalwood 16-Pack Wands

Vetiver Oakmoss & Sandalwood 16-Pack Wands
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16-count individual pack of AIRS Vetiver, Oakmoss & Sandalwood Aroma Wands, complete with illustrated descriptive label.


About Botanical Vetiver, Oakmoss and Sandalwood:

Vetiver: From India, and thriving in Africa, South America and Indonesia, Vetiver been used as a traditional folk medicine, magical ingredient, handcrafts fiber, herbal sachet and perfume compound. Vetiver is also grown as natural erosion control, protecting the native sustainable farms.

Oakmoss: Treasured for centuries as a classic aromatic element of Western perfumery, grey-green oakmoss holds secrets. Archaeological and anthropological evidence indicates that oakmoss was used in American Indian and European Bronze Age herbalry to dress wounds, dye fibers and to provide cleansing sacred smudge smoke.

Sandalwood:   This is the premier incense wood of India and Sri Lanka. To achieve a graceful Sandalwood note in our incense, we extract oil from the recycled wood pulp left from the sustainable plantation Sandalwood harvesting process. This single effort saves thousands of Sandalwood trees annually.

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