Star Sandalwood Perfume Oil 1/3 oz

Star Sandalwood Perfume Oil 1/3 oz
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Star Sandalwood Perfume Oil. 1/3 oz in quality glass bottle.

One or two drops on your pulse points create a delicious fragrance .. lasting all day.

About Star Sandalwood:

Our blend of true Cedar and Santal echoes ancient perfumes and incense used in the temples of India, Tibet and Babylon. Cedar is said to activate protective Male Guardian Spirits, while Sandalwood invokes the taming power of the Great Goddess.

Santal, or Sandalwood, has been treasured by Asian perfumers and healers for over 4,000 years. Clean and powdery, Santal oil was prescribed as a sacred anointing perfume..for blessings and protection.  Incense Cedar, vibrant and distinctive, is a precious aromatic wood, enjoyed by Tantrik yogis. Together, these celebrated essential oils produce an inviting sensual perfume....linked to the mists of time.

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