Star Sandalwood 16-Pack Wands

Star Sandalwood 16-Pack Wands
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  • Item #: S4-STA

16-count Individual pack of AIRS Star Sandalwood Aroma Wands, complete with illustrated descriptive label.

Our blend of true Cedar and Santal echoes ancient incense used in the temples of India, Tibet and Babylon. Cedar is said to activate protective Guardian Spirits, while Sandalwood invokes the gentling power of the Great Goddess.

Santal, or Sandalwood, has been treasured by Asian perfumers and healers for over 4,000 years. As an essential ingredient in many Ayurvedic medicines, Indian healers would prescribe Santal as a disinfecting and protective incense.

Incense Cedar, reminiscent of ancient times, is a cleansing and inspiring botanical. Together, these celebrated woods produce a fresh and welcoming incense fragrance for your home.

$8.50/pack. Compare to $5.00/pack of ALCHEMIA Star Sandal Incense.

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