Pyramid - LIfe Enhancing Pyramid

Copper Life Enhancing Pyramids Enhance whatever item is placed inside them. For added freshness, leave fruits in the Pyramid. For increase abundance, place your currency in the Pyramid. Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 10 1.2 " Made of hollow copper tubing
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  • Item #: PYR-LEP
The Ancient Egyptians were masters at creating healing tools for every aspect of life, whether health, prosperity, social standing, good luck, work, abundance, fortune telling.  The Priests were the keepers of the secrets /mysteries of these healing tools, they were experts in using electromagnetics, alchemy, sound, all blended with their own intent.

The average Egyptian considered the Priests magicians because of the unexplainable wonder and miracles that they performed.

Amazing Healing Properties of Copper LIfe Enhancing Pyramids:
  • Increases your vitality and brings you youth

  • Creates a sacred and protected environment in your home

  • Forms an energetic bond with your sanctuary crystals

  • Adds freshness vibrant life to your fruits and veggies

  • Enhances nutritious quality of your food

  • Raises the vibration of drinking water

  • Clears the negativity of your T.V, set

  • Reduces the effect of electromagnetic waves from your mobile phone

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Price $180.00