Nargis of Atlantis 1/3 oz.

Nargis of Atlantis 1/3 oz.
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Nargis of Atlantis Perfume Oil.

Crisp white Narcissus, Indian Sandalore, Arabian Oud. Heavenly flowers and rare woods from our Alchemist.

Rumoured to be the national flower of Atlantis, the narcissus is perceived in the West as a symbol of vanity, in the East as a symbol of wealth and good fortune. In classical  Persian Literature, the narcissus is a symbol of beautiful eyes, together with other flowers that equate a beautiful face to a spring garden, e.g.s roses for cheeks and violets for shining dark hair.

Hypnotic, mysterious and warm. This clean fragrance will wrap itself around you .. inspiring, intoxicating and comforting the soul. Indulge your dreams of the Faraway.



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