Lotus Supreme 1/3 oz.

Lotus Supreme 1/3 oz.
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Lotus Supreme Perfume Oil.

Pure Lotus flower essential oil (Nelumbo Lucifera), Indian Sandalore and Cardamom.

Frequently associated with ancient Buddhist, Indian, and Egyptian mythologies, the lotus  has deep roots in Eastern history. The life cycle of this aquatic perennial has been connected symbolically to the concept of spiritual enlightenment in Buddhism.

In Indian beliefs, the unfolding of a lotus to represent the origin of the universe as it is dreamed into existence. Hindus revere the Lotus with the divinities Vishnu or Lakshmi often portrayed standing on a pink lotus 

Historically, lotus oil is associated with arousing love as well as helping increasing sexuality, fertility and longevity.

Nelumbo Lucifera is the sacred Lotus of India. We offer you an unforgettable fragrance, with a euphoric yet calming effect upon those that encounter you.



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