Lemongrass 16-Pack Wands

Lemongrass 16-Pack Wands
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Lemongrass Incense adds fragrant protection to your household atmosphere!

Zesty Lemongrass is used for sachets, incense, body products, handcrafts and culinary arts. Throughout Southeast Asian cuisine, the citrus-scented grass lends a green citrus note to curry, Pad Thai, teas and peppery condiments. In Java, Brazil and central Africa, the fragrant leaves of lemongrass are woven into aromatic floormats and are enjoyed as a cooling tisane.

Mysteriously, the aromatic Cymbopogon Grass family easily yields volumes of rich and pungent golden oil, a natural insect repellent and disinfectant. Lemongrass, like its leafy cousin Citronella, is a citrus-scented antiseptic, antibacterial, deodorizing and antifungal. Lemongrass is traditionally prescribed for stress, long-term illness and refreshing footwashes. 


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