Lavender 16-Pack Wands

Lavender 16-Pack Wands
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One package of Botanical Lavender Aroma Wands complete with descriptive and illustrated info label.

Incense for the connoisseur!

Beloved the world around, European Lavender has a long history of healing, perfume use and cultivation. Soaps, colognes and sachets become refreshing and calming with its silvery-herbal scent.

A versatile healer, Lavender is a cornerstone of Aromatherapy and spa treatments. Our Lavender essential oil is a blend of English and Provence varieties. Aromatherapists employ Lavender oil as an excellent cure for headaches, colds, stress and sleeping disorders; it heals without harming.

Flourishing in England, France, California, Washington and Oregon, Lavender loves a balance of warm sun and misty rain.

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