Juniper & Sage Bulk 50 Wands

Juniper & Sage Bulk 50 Wands
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  • Item #: HS-JUN

50-count Juniper & Sage Incense Wands in a clear pack.

About our Juniper & Sage:

 Juniper & Sage Botanical Incense Wands... the fragrant botanical spirit of the American Southwest! Sacred to American Indian tribes, Utah Juniper and Sagebrush are considered healing and protective. The loose herbs or the tied bundles of dried Juniper & Sage are called "smudge" and are slowly burned for blessings, healings, exorcisms and purification ceremonies.

Our Juniper & Sage botanical fragrance also includes the protective Dalmatian or European Garden Sage, used since Bronze Age times as a ritual, medicinal and culinary herb.

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