Jasmine Italian Perfume Oil 1/3 oz

Jasmine Italian Perfume Oil 1/3 oz
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Jasmine Italian Perfume Oil .. the sweetly-fresh and floral "green and white" perfume of aristocracy, queens, princesses, famous ballerinas and poetic women worldwide. Create a few romantic ripples ... just one or two drops on a pulse point or heart chakra will captivate your private romantic audience. So use wisely!

About Jasmine Italian:

Jasmine, an airy climbing perennial vine or alternately a leafy shrub, originated in India and the Arabian Gulf. When it was introduced to bedazzled French and Italian growers in the mid-1500s, the perfume world was changed forever.

Today, India, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and Thailand produce the greatest volume and varieties of jasmine essential oil.

It takes 8000 jasmine flowers to create one gram of Jasmine Absolute. Early-morning gathering must be done in wicker baskets to avoid bruising the fragile white flowers, and the blossoms are immediately processed in field-side distilleries.

Eternally popular, true Jasmine essence or a Jasmine synthetic compound is found in almost 90% of women's fragrances, and 33% of men's colognes. Our version, Jasmine Italian, is an artful swirl of three delicious jasmines from Egypt, Italy and Thailand: a cocktail of sensual expression. One drop can last all night!

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