Jamaica Bulk 50 Wands

Jamaica Bulk 50 Wands
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 50-count Bulk pack of Jamaica Incense Wands.

About Jamaica fragrance:

Allspice, cinnaminics, clove, vanilla and floral whispers, Jamaica fragrance soars!

Jamaica, home of exotic flowers, fruit, zesty spices, shade-grown coffee, crafts and reggae, gives dramatic expression to a variety of spiritual pathways. From native Indians to Rastafarians to the white-gowned Afro-Caribbean followers of Lucumi and Santeria, magick and mystery embue the mountain strongholds, candlelit beaches and festive marketplaces.

Visitors often comment on the spicy-scented air in Jamaica. "Like a florist shop and pumpkin pie set next to a turquoise sea," wrote one 1920s tourist. The island became a symbol of uninhibited pleasures, smiling hospitality and an Eden-like tranquility. Our Jamaica fragrance smolders with this solar energy and deep passion.

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