French Vanilla Perfume Oil 1/3 oz

French Vanilla Perfume Oil 1/3 oz
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Indulge in pure pleasure with lush French Vanilla Perfume Oil from Alchemia. One or two drops on pulse points or heart chakra will last all day.

About French Vanilla:

Native to Mexico and Central America, ever-popular Vanilla is extracted from the dried and fermented seed pods of the pale Vanilla Planifolia Orchid. Now grown in Madagascar, Tahiti and Indonesia as well, vanilla pods only release their captivating fragrance and flavour after a complex ageing process. If you have eaten a connoisseur brand of vanilla bean ice cream... then you know how delicious it can be.

Aztecs and Mayas enjoyed vanilla as food and perfume, mixing it with dark chocolate beverages, and blending it with fresh fruit and peppery spices. Many cultures consider this heady aroma an aphrodisiac, providing inspiration, romance, creativity and psychological peace. Scientists have proven the scent of vanilla reduces anxiety by over 60% with a few minutes.

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