French Vanilla 16-pack Wands

French Vanilla 16-pack Wands
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One 16-count Incense Wands pack with descriptive information label.

About French Vanilla fragrance:

Ever-popular Vanilla is extracted from the dried and fermented brown seedpods of the pale Vanilla Planifolia Orchid. French Vanilla refers to the powerful variety of the majority of modern-day vanilla orchid vines ... Bourbon Vanilla. Many cultures now consider this heady aromatic delight as an aphrodisiac, providing inspiration, romance, sexual energy and creative renewal. Scientists have proven the brain releases "pleasure" endorphins when vanilla is tasted or smelled -- and anxiety is drastically reduced!

Native to Mexico and Central America, vanilla pods only release their captivating fragrancea and flavour after a complex ageing process. The art of vanilla processing is passed down through families in the south of Mexico and Meso-America.

Aztecs, Toltecs and Mayans enjoyed vanilla as food and perfume, mixing it with dark chocolate, fragrant fruit and aromatic spices. Gods and Goddesses of the Mayan pantheon were often accompanied with emblems of life, sex, birth and death: skulls, hummingbirds, vanilla orchids, shells, animals and cords of eternity.


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