Frank & Myrrh 16-Pack Wands

Frank & Myrrh 16-Pack Wands
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Individual 16-count Incense Wands pack with descriptive information label.


Aromatic and greatly treasured, Myrrh, a clear golden gum from the Commiphora Myrrha tree, has been a trade item for thousands of years.

Chinese physicians recommended the scent and application of Myrrh ointments to those needing calm, rest and recovery from trauma. Egyptians documented their use of Myrrh as therapeutic incense and medicinal skin balm.

Frankincense is harvested as a weeping gum from the Boswellia Carteri Tree, growing only in the rocky deserts of Somalia and several Red Sea nations. Early Aegean cultures traded with the timeless Frankincense colonies at the edge of Arabia and Egypt. Incense trivia: the Catholic Church and Orthodox Churches have been the largest consumers of Frankincense in recorded history.

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