China Moon Bulk 50 Wands

China Moon Bulk 50 Wands
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 50-count Bulk pack of China Moon Incense Wands.

About China Moon:

Select legendary scents stimulate human erotic sensations -- such as musk, cinnamon, vanilla, rare flowers and patchouli. And we like it!

Throughout the history of perfume, wild musks were two of the most sought-after raw ingredients. Sadly, it was very cruelly harvested from the ever-hunted Musk deer and small Civet cats. Thankfully,  Animal Musk has been replaced with cruelty-free synthetic musks, and it's now possible to enjoy this remarkably sensual aroma without bloodshed.

According to historic sources, early Chinese perfumers combined tiny amounts of musk with the aromatic extracts of ginger, camphorn, opium and white flowers to produce aphrodisiac fragrances. Legend has it that the royal bedchambers were ritually sacheted with such perfumes.

Today, you can scent your body, home and living spaces with China Moon fragrance products from Alchemia.

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