Cedar Sage & Eucalyptus Bulk 50 Wands

Cedar Sage & Eucalyptus Bulk 50 Wands
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 100 Botanical Incense Wands in sealed clear pack.


Cedar, Sage & Eucalyptus


Native American and Siberian folk have used 'smudge' botanicals as medicine, spirit offerings and protection since the Ice Age. Northwestern Cedar, Utah Juniper and Sagebrush (Artemisia) are still employed by American Indian tribes, including: Hopi, Navajo, Apache and Sioux. Protective Garden or Dalmatian Sage (Salvia) was used by Celts and Romans in food, ceremony and medicine-- and then throughout medieval Europe and Britain as fragrant "strewing herbs." 

Aromatic and disinfecting Eucalyptus, native to Australia and well-known by the Aborigines, was introduced to California in the 1800s. Blue and Lemon-scented Eucalyptus are enjoyed for their clean and antiseptic qualities. Together, all of these piquant and distinctive botanicals create aromatic smoke reminding us of ancestral times.

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