ALCHEMIA Star Sandalwood Incense 16-pack

ALCHEMIA Star Sandalwood Incense 16-pack
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Element of Fire

Energy. Passions.

Angel of the South

Lush, woody, clean and uplifting.

Santal, or Sandalwood, has been continuously used by Asian perfumers, artisans and healers for over 4,000 years. It is the essential ingredient in many Ayurvedic medicines. Asian healers prescribed it as a disinfecting incense to be used in homes, temples and healing sanctuaries.

Incense Cedar, prized during the Bronze Age, is a gentle disinfectant and spiritual protection against envy and malice. Cedar is said to activate fierce guardian spirits, while Santal invokes the taming power of the Great Goddess. Our combination of Cedar and Santal echoes an ancient formula used in the temples of India, Tibet, Ladakh and Babylon.

All of Alchemia and AIRS Sandalwood oils and incenses are from sustainable sandalwood plantations in Asia and Australia. No endangered wild santal essential oil or wood is ever used.

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