ALCHEMIA Secret Garden Incense 16-pack

ALCHEMIA Secret Garden Incense 16-pack
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Element of Water

Relaxing. Dreaming.

Angel of the West.

Medieval European midwives, alchemists, monks and perfumers continued a healing tradition begun by the Etruscans and  Greeks -- Lavender was the cornerstone of their ancient herbalry. Available in over a dozen fragrant cultivars throughout Southern France, Spain, England and the Mediterranean, distinctive Lavender flowers and leaves have been proven healing agents by aromatherapists and medical practitioners.

The purple-blue flowerheads with slender grey-green leaves are popular with popular with honeybees, butterflies and gardeners.


Dalmatian and Clary Sage varieties, both aromatic healers, thrive in sunny, well-drained locations. Garden Sage is said to draw prosperity to the home. Both Lavender and Sage are semi-hardy perennials, used by aromatherapists to relieve headaches, promote relaxation, fight skin infection, soothe burns and to lift the spirit.

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