ALCHEMIA Rain Incense 16-pack

ALCHEMIA Rain Incense 16-pack
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Element of Water

Relaxing. Dreaming.

Angel of the West.


Fresh, cool, green and misty--- Rain fragrance calms the mind and spirit.

Many cultures consider the Element of Water to be female, the Goddess Manifest. Rain is often seen as a Masculine force, moisturizing and fertilizing Mother Earth. Navajos refer to swiftly-moving thunderstoms as "male rains" -- whereas the hazy drizzles that last for days, and deeply drench the earth are called "female rains."

The Hopi kachinas, or "cloud people," are the spirits that bring rain and snow to the arid high mesas of the American Southwest. Rain inspires poets, lovers, dreamers, gardeners and mystics.

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