ALCHEMIA Moonstone Incense 16-pack

ALCHEMIA Moonstone Incense 16-pack
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Element of Air

Inspiration. Love.

Angel of the East.

Certain scents stimulate human erotic sensations. Musk, many spices and patchouli are considered legendary aphrodisiacs.


Throughout the history of perfume, musk was one of the most expensive and sought-after raw ingredients. Unfortunately, it was cruelly harvested from the Musk deer. Thankfully, today it has been replaced with synthetic musks, and it now possible to enjoy this sensual aroma without bloodshed.


Early Chinese perfumers combined tiny amounts of musk with the aromatic extracts of ginger, camphor, opium and white flowers to produce aphrodisiac fragrances. Legend has it that the Emperor's bed silks were ritually embued with such perfumes.


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